The Griffin Cup – english version

The Griffin Cup was initiated by Matti Oksanen in the year 2000. The idea came up while coming back from a tournament with Voikkaa Mill’s Hockey Team; why wouldn’t we arrange a tournament of our own? No sooner said than done.

Spring 2001. The first Cup was arranged at the Ice Hall of Kuusankoski in the spring of . Six mills participated; Jokilaakso from Kaipola/Jämsänkoski, Kaukas from Lappeenranta, Raflatac from Tampere, Rauma, Tervasaari from Valkeakoski and Voikkaa. Yearly arrangement is itinerant. The trophy, Pokko (Son in Voikkaa dialect) does the same.

First winner was Kaukas followed by Raflatac, Voikkaa, Rauma, Tervasaari and Jokilaakso. Results in each Cup are seen in a separate chart created by Augsburg. Please see ”2001 – 2020 standings”.


2002 was Raflatac’s turn to arrange The Cup. The same six teams participated. As Tesoma Ice Hall has two rinks the games were over so rapidly that we did not have time to agree who would host next games. So Voikkaa who won the Cup volunteered and took the responsibility. Rauma, Kaukas, Raflatac, Tervasaari and Jokilaakso manned the next positions.


2003 back at Kuusankoski. Augsburg and Schongau from Germany joined in the merry platoon. Jokilaakso, who had been twice jumbo took the Cup. Kaukas was second, followed by  Voikkaa,  Raflatac, Rauma, Tervasaari, Schongau and Augsburg.


2004 was Tervasaari’s turn. The best of eight teams was Kaukas, again.  Rauma took silver then came Voikkaa, Jokilaakso, Raflatac, Schongau, Augsburg and the good host Tervasaari.  Augsburg announced that they arrange the next Cup.


2005 in Augsburg, Germany. It was significant; first time outside of Finland and Rauma and Jokilaakso defaulted. New members joined the clan; Kajaani, Kymi and Wisforest from Pietarsaari. To fill the tournament schema another German team, Louisenthal was taken along. Augsburg formed a second team and All Stars was formed from those who wanted to play more.  This way four sections with three teams was created. Kaukas won the Cup, again. The tournament was arranged in a superb way. Danke schön Augsburg!


2006 saw us in Lappeenranta. Pellos came in as new team and Rauma came back. As Augsburg did not participate Kaukas arranged 35+ – team. Wisaforest took their first Cup though Voikkaa was a hard competitor. The result was 1 – 0 and Pokko travelled to Pietarsaari. Kaukas and their +35 were third and fourth.


2007 took us to Rauma.  Pori, Seikku Saw Mill was the newcomer to the games and Augsburg came back so for a change no second team from the host or Dream Team was needed. Kaukas defeated all opponents and took their fourth championship. Rauma, Kymi and Voikkaa followed.


In 2008 the sun rose in Pietarsaari. Two German and ten Finnish teams were ready for the battle. After two hectic days one could only state that Kaukas took their fifth championship. Kymi improved from third to second. The hosting team was third.


2009 we went to Mikkeli. Pellos hosted the games. Kajaani and Voikkaa did not participate for obvious reasons. They were replaced by Louisenthal from Germany and a Dream Team was formed. The Legion D’Etrangers did all right – eight. Kymi continued improvin and won their first championship. Pellos took silver and Rauma climbed third.


2010 we flew again to Germany., to Schongau. The Ice Hall is a special one; one wall is away which means if it is cold outside it is cold inside.  Before the games the hosting team boasted in the local newspaper that the Cup is theirs. Well, how true! Penalty shots were needed to decide the winner: Schongau! Plentiful audience supported wildly the home team and enjoyed a good ice hockey game. It was the first time that the hosting team won the Cup and, also, the first time a German team won it. The arrangements were in a typical German way – excellent! Danke schön, Schongau!


2011 back in Finland, Kuusankoski. Now there were ten teams so the scheme was different from the customary four groups wit three teams. The matches were exciting as always. Kymi was unbeatable and also the first Finnish  arranging team to take the Pokko. Rauma and Kaukas were second and third.


2012 took the teams to Tampere. Again, ten teams took place and the scheme consisted of two five team groups. Kaukas who dominated the first decade surprised everybody by finishing last. Kymi retook championship , Wisaforest and Schongau  followed.


2013 was humppa-time in Lappeenranta. Kaukas was irritated by last years non-existent success and bulldozed all opponents and took the Pokko back to Lappeenranta. Sixth championship! Kymi and Wisaforest followed. GHO took part which meant that to create a twelve team scheme Kaukas brought in a second team +35. Kymi was second, Wisaforest third.


2014, second time at Valkeakoski. As GHO could not participate Tervasaari formed a second team and Louisenthal came back. Twelve teams once again. Kymi took their fourth championship – an emerging dynasty? Kaukas finished second and Tervasaari third. Next year, Germany calls…


2015 flew us again to Germany, Augsburg. Whether it was good circumstances, jet lag or some other virus that had effect on strong champions Kaukas and Kymi as Wisaforest with clever tactics steamrolled to the Cup. Schongau finished second before Kymi. GHO was there, too. Augsburg had two teams. The arrangements, needless to say – super! Danke vielmals, Augsburg!


2016 we had a good time in Pori. Seikku Saw Mill hosted. Kymi, Pori and Raflatac were the top three teams. Rauma’s second team completed the scheme. Kymi took their fifth championship. Kaukas is still ahead with six Cups. But for how long? We’ll soon find out.


2017 we travelled to Pori’s sister city, Rauma. The hosts had again two teams . Their first team pestered Kymi in the final game but in vain. Kymi was stronger and took their sixth championship. GHO was third. Augsburg, the Team of the Golden Pineapple deserves a honorary award for their persistence; nine jumbo positions but still strongly with us. Fine!


2018 we’ll go to Mikkeli… in four days time, tralalaaa…



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